Chinese medicine in skincare: The best remedies you’ve never heard of

Chinese medicine in skincare: The best remedies you’ve never heard of

Traditional Chinese Medicine is having a beauty moment.

Here’s our wrap-up of the best beauty remedies from this 3,000 year tradition – from jade stone tools to skin-loving supplements.


1. Skin-loving sheep placenta

Used in traditional Chinese medicine for centuries, placenta is thought to boost a person's qi, or vital essence.

Chinese herbalists offer placenta from sheep, says Dr. Kwan Chi-Yee, president of the Chinese Herbalists Association.

Traditionally used to treat anemia, it is popular for its reputed rejuvenating effects, particularly for skin.

This could be because placenta is high in trace elements such as iron and selenium, as well as natural hormones and essential amino acids.

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    2. Use a jade stone tool

      Gua sha, or ‘skin scraping’, involves the use of a flat crystal. The Huffington Post has praised the treatment for its instant facelift effect.

      Alternatively, use a stone roller to massage and manipulate the muscles and fascia of your face and neck while stimulating acupuncture energy points of the face, neck and head.

      This is meant to normalize the flow of qi to the face, neck and head while promoting lymphatic drainage.

      Devotees say the treatments tighten the jawline and neck and reduce the signs of age.


      3. Get a facial acupuncture session

      Harrods’ Wellness Clinic recently added cosmetic acupuncture to its treatment menu. It involves the use of tiny micro needles, which are inserted into pressure points on your face.

      This is a delicate art: the diameter of each needle is a tiny 0.15 of 1 mm.

      An acupuncturist will make a diagnosis, based on indicators like your pulse and the appearance of your tongue.

      The aim is to correct any imbalance in the body while treating the facial symptoms – in other words, the cause and the effect of skin complaints.


      4. Anti-oxidant teas and infusions

      Experts recommend the Chinese tradition of sipping on oolong or green tea for anti-inflammatory and antioxidant effects. Or chew on red dates steeped in hot water to improve the clarity of your skin.


      Nothing onerous, just a few TCM tweaks and you could see improvements inside and out.


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