The best of J-Beauty: Four easy steps to your brightest ever skin

The best of J-Beauty: Four easy steps to your brightest ever skin

J-Beauty, or Japanese beauty, has us obsessed. It combines research-driven innovation with a simple, honest approach to skincare.

Getting the best of J-Beauty doesn't have to mean going to a clinic or dropping $500 on a serum.

Here are our four easy steps to your brightest ever skin.


1. Take sheep placenta (yes, really). 

Placenta is the anti-aging ingredient of the moment, says Alisa Kerr, creator of the blog Tokyo Beauty Book.

In Tokyo you can buy placenta drinks at drugstores and people drink them every day, Kerr notes.

It’s said to combat wrinkles and hydrate, tighten and rejuvenate the skin, and strengthen hair.

Opt for a high-quality capsule that delivers skin-loving nutrients, from B group vitamins to vitamin K and others.

We recommend: Rare By Nature 100% Sheep Placenta Capsules. It is a completely pure, no-nasties placenta capsule.


2. Adopt the onsen ethos and get serious about your cleanse.

For the Japanese, bathing rituals are of great importance: witness the country’s famous mineral-infused onsens, or hot springs.

There are natural springs the world over. We love the Onsen Hot Pools in Queenstown, New Zealand, with sublime mountain views.

At home, adopt the onsen ethos by upping your cleansing game. A cleansing oil used with a warm, damp cloth or cotton pad lifts makeup and pollutants without stripping the skin.

A Japanese cult classic is DHC Deep Cleansing Oil, but good alternatives abound.

Try at home: Look for pure jojoba oil, which mimics the skin’s natural oils.


3. Do face yoga.

Face yoga is feted as a way to lift and smooth skin. It was popularised by Hokkaido-born Koko Hayashi, who offers classes in the art at her Los Angeles studio, Mirai Clinical.

The exercises include rolling and widening your eyes, tilting the head, and stretching your mouth to make an enormous ‘O’.

You can try them at home thanks to the plethora of how-to videos on YouTube.

Try at home: A handheld mirror, YouTube.


4. Upgrade to an SPF you like (and actually wear it)

80% of skin damage comes from UV rays. J-Beauty is about playing the long game, and that means prevention.

Arm yourself with a seriously good SPF, one you’ll actually use. Japanese sunscreens excel at offering a super-light skin feel, but your sunscreen doesn’t have to be Japanese.

Try at home: For a non-toxic option, pick a new-generation physical sunscreen that uses zinc or titanium oxide rather than chemical sunscreens.


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