Winter skin reboot: Is sheep placenta the beauty ingredient you're missing?

Winter skin reboot: Is sheep placenta the beauty ingredient you're missing?

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When it comes to game-changing beauty ingredients, placenta is Big In Japan, according to Alisa Kerr, author of the Tokyo Beauty Book.

Associated with renewal, it is believed to brighten the skin.

Sheep placenta has been prescribed for centuries in Traditional Chinese Medicine as a powerful boost for jing energy.

It could be the ingredient you need for a winter skin reboot.


So here's what you should know.

Is it effective? Is it genuine? What should you look for?

Your questions answered with our tips for getting the most from this skin-loving ingredient.


1. Serum vs supplement: which should you choose?

Beauty blogger Amy Chang recommends taking it as a supplement over applying it topically in creams or serums.

She wrote about what happened when she tried it on a trip to Japan:

My skin was glowing by the end of our first week. The month supply of placenta supplement capsules I brought home also produced noticeable results. My hair thickened. My skin was visibly smoothed and brightened.

Pro tip: supplements are more readily absorbed than topical creams.


2. What are the reputed benefits of a placenta supplement?

Taken as a supplement, placenta is believed to help protect the skin from UV aging effects.

Chang says that using placenta for beauty is backed by science. She refers to scientific studies that offer evidence of the skin enhancing benefits of ingesting placenta.

Most importantly, devotees swear by its brightening properties.


3. Know your nutrition: how does it work?

Analysed for its nutrients, sheep placenta contains 60% protein and is rich in minerals and nutrients. It is especially high in iron and amino acids.


4. Look for purity and quality

If you want to boost your skincare regimen with placenta, it’s best to be sure of what you are buying and where it comes from, so you can be sure of its quality and origins.

For ingredient snobs (like us!), we recommend Rare By Nature 100% Sheep Placenta Capsules, which are made in Australia from 100% Australian ingredients.

Rare By Nature sources its sheep placenta from the Western District of Victoria, a farming district known for its Merino sheep.

Best of all, the capsules are 100% pure, without nasty chemical additives.


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