Bringing the single origin ethos

In life, we sometimes travel far from where we began...

My name is Matt from Rare by Nature.  I spent much of my career working in the drinks business, specialising in premium spirits and whisky.  This took me on a journey, teaching me to appreciate rarity, provenance and authenticity.   

Single origin sourcing means understanding the provenance of a product - where it is from. What is the grain? What farm does it come from? What type of oak barrel was used to mature the liquor? 

I was won over by the idea of small batch production - it’s the opposite of impersonal mass production! With aged whiskey, I learned it’s important not to rush. It’s about savouring something precious.  

I met producers dedicated to finding the very best ingredients no matter how hard they are to obtain. One travelled all the way to the Democratic Republic of Congo to find the finest quinine, and to the Ivory Coast for green ginger!  Another big lesson was avoiding artificial ingredients.   

I left the drinks industry in 2017 with a strong desire to help people with their nutrition and wellbeing. I took with me the lessons learned from these producers - provenance and uncompromising attention to detail.  Rare by Nature was born.   

At Rare by Nature we champion the origins of our ingredients. We are dedicated to searching for the very best ingredients – no matter how scarce or difficult to source.  We saw that nutrition products should be better. Too often consumers are being cheated on ingredient quality. Their intention is to enhance their wellbeing but they are being sold short and - in many cases - consuming harmful additives.   

We are the antithesis of a mass producer.  We produce small batches. In filling our capsules with precious superfoods, we run our machines slowly. This avoids the need for additives that other brands use - just to help their machines go fast.  We do this because we are driven to improve the lives of our customers.  

We’re looking forward to introducing you to our favourite superfood and skincare products. 




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