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New Zealand Marine Collagen 100% South Island Origin
New Zealand Marine Collagen 100% South Island Origin New Zealand Marine Collagen 100% South Island Origin New Zealand Marine Collagen 100% South Island Origin New Zealand Marine Collagen 100% South Island Origin
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New Zealand Marine Collagen 100% South Island Origin

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Why we love this superfood...

  • Pure marine collagen
  • Single origin wild sourced fish
  • Easy to swallow capsule format
  • 100% natural with nothing added
  • Superior bio-availability

Marine collagen for superior bio-availability and absorption

We have created a marine collagen capsule that is made from 100% wild sourced fish, with nothing added or taken away. A natural superfood, it has the superior bio-availability of marine collagen, which is absorbed more efficiently than other collagens.  Learn more about the superiority of Marine collagen.

Benefits of a collagen supplement

Collagen is the most abundant protein in the human body.  It is essential to the strength of bones, muscles, joints and tendons.  Collagen is also the structural framework of skin.  

Collagen supplementation is popular for tissue repair and beauty applications. Collagen revives healthy skin function by drawing in key amino acids. Taken daily, research shows marine collagen combats signs of ageing by plumping fine lines, improving skin elasticity, firmness, moisture and hydration. It also enhances hair and nail health, encouraging growth and promoting shine. Learn more about collagen and beauty.

Easy to consume capsule

Collagen supplements usually come in a powder format that must be mixed into a drink.  Mixing can be messy and the taste may be inconsistent and gritty.  At rare by nature we have overcome this by packing our collagen into an easy to swallow capsule.  For best results we recommend consuming 3 capsules per day.

Natural small batch production method

At rare by nature we only use the prized cartilage of the fish. We do not use the fish skin or scales are these require heavy processing and denaturing using chemicals. 

Our production process is simple and natural.  The fish cartilage is boiled, gently air-dried and ground into a collagen powder before being encapsulated.  Each capsule contains 100% New Zealand wild sourced marine collagen, with nothing added or taken away.  

Single origin sourcing

We searched the world to find you the very best collagen.  Our quest started with visits to beef farms.  In time we learned that marine collagen was our preferred source and this lead us to the ocean.  After over a year's research we discovered a sustainable source of collagen rich cartilaginous fish in the deep sea waters off Nugget point on New Zealand's South Island. 

You can click on the DMS coordinates below to view the location on a map

46° 33' 58” S
170° 01' 38” E

You can click on this link to view a video of the beautiful location.

We use wild caught Carcharhiniformes fish from deep waters off the south east coast of New Zealand's south island. Learn more about the place of origin.

Sustainable fisheries source - our fish are caught under a strict NZ government quota.

Our collagen comes to you in hard gel vegetable capsule shells. Each capsule contains 100% wild sourced fish.

Small batch production

We produce our rare products in small batches and we value craft and care over mass production.

We made 205 jars with a use by date of October 2022.

Your collagen capsules

You will receive your capsules in a sealed 175ml amber glass jar that protects the integrity of the ingredients by filtering out light.

Made from New Zealand fish - designed and crafted with care in Australia.

Net 75g / 84 capsules

Serving suggestion: 3 capsules daily.  Consume whole capsules with 100mL of water or open capsules and mix content into 100mL of water or your favourite drink.

  • Made in Australia
  • Wild sourced ocean fish from New Zealand
  • No preservatives
  • No additives or fillers
  • HACCP food safety compliant

*Contains fish products


Note: DMS coordinates refer to a point on a map – an area of 30 square meters or 100 square feet. We use them to indicate the surrounding area or region.

This product is to be consumed as a natural food. It does not prevent, cure or alleviate any disease, ailment or injury.


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