How to spring clean your skincare routine

If you’ve been using a natural beauty routine for a while, you’ll know how much of a difference it can make to your skin. From fewer fine lines to improved hydration and more supple skin, there are so many benefits to a natural face care routine. 

However, every now and then, it’s worth reassessing the products and processes you use, to ensure your skin is looking – and feeling – its best. Because what you might not know is that there are ways to improve the effectiveness of your products, simply by making a few tweaks to your skincare regimen. From applying products in the correct order to using a nourishing oil, read on for our tips on how to spring clean your skin care routine to promote healthy, radiant, and youthful-looking skin. 

Use the right products 

This might sound like a bit of a no-brainer to the seasoned skincare aficionados among us, but ensuring you use products appropriate to the time of day and season can make the world of difference to your skin. ‘Day’ products are designed to sit well under your makeup and control shine during the day, while ‘night’ products tend to be richer and more nourishing. Similarly, products that work well in the warmer months may be less effective in winter. Matching products to their intended season or time of day will help them work to their maximum potential. 

Apply products in the correct order

Products should always be applied in order of thinnest to thickest consistency, apart from face oil, which should generally be applied last. Layering products in this way makes them easier to absorb and will prevent one product from inhibiting another.

Add an oil

Applying face oil – before a water-based moisturiser, for example, creates an oil barrier that will stop your skin from absorbing the moisturiser. However, mixing a few drops of face oil into your moisturiser can boost its effectiveness and give your skin a radiant and dewy glow.

Apply directly to skin

Serum should always be applied directly to the skin and patted in gently using clean fingertips. Don't waste your precious serum on a cotton pad or wipe, and also be mindful of the environment by reducing your waste.

Invest in a tool 

Give your exfoliating scrub a boost and prep your skin for maximum absorption by introducing a facial brush or tool into your natural skincare regime. A good tool will give you a deep clean and stimulate blood flow to your face, resulting in a healthy glow and improved skin texture. 

Keep it cool

Turn your everyday regimen into a soothing spa experience by storing your facial oils, serums, and moisturisers in the fridge. The lower temperature will not only keep your products effective, but they’ll also offer a cooling sensation that can be a balm for irritated skin.

So are you ready to spiring clean your skincare routine? 

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