"Wild ingredients are nature's finest offering"

We follow the call of the wild

Wellness begins at the source: grown in their natural habitats rather than farmed, our ingredients are more pure, powerful and nutrient dense.


Our story

It’s no secret that nature offers an abundance of benefits to our health and wellness.

The true secret?  The power of wild ingredients; pure, potent and thriving under truly incredible conditions. 

In our search to bring you the very best ingredients, we’ve followed the call of the wild to deliver some of the rarest, most powerful inclusions to improve your wellness, naturally.

Let’s renew our connection with nature together.

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Why Wild is Best

Wild ingredients are not the same as “natural” or “organic” – they are so much more!

Pure, untampered and powerful; wild ingredients are truly nature’s finest offering, already perfected by the source, naturally.

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"Nature is our greatest ally and biggest inspiration"

- David Attenborough

We donate $1 from every sale to protecting and restoring the wild.