Wild Ingredients - Incredible, Transformative Powers

How do wild ingredients differ from certified organic or farmed natural alternatives?

Well, whilst organic or naturally derived ingredients may be chemical and pesticide free, they still have human inputs.

These inputs dilute and weaken the efficacy and potency of your supplements or skincare products, and reduce your potential results and experience. 

Why Choose Wild?

Our ingredients are as pure as the source itself; untampered and blessed with a plethora of benefits. There is no human interference until it’s time to harvest. Research shows wild-grown plants and animals are also healthier and more nutrient dense.

Each of our wild inclusions are enriched with inherent properties that are clinically proven to deliver real results – be this increasing your hydration, energy, improving skin tone and texture and boosting your overall radiance and wellness.

This is due to incredibly high levels of antioxidants, vitamins and other concentrated nutrients essential for nourishment and regeneration.

The Wonder of the Wild

To us, the beauty of wild ingredients is that they sustainably grow as nature intended; fed and nourished naturally – and stronger and more resilient because of it. Without human impact (unlike purpose-built farms), wild ingredients equate to a more potent result when transformed into considerate supplements or skincare.

The very ability these ingredients have, to not just grow, but flourish and thrive under the most incredible conditions is the secret contained within the wild ingredients themselves.

They have learnt to adapt and withstand even the most extreme conditions, and are stronger than cultivated plants because of this, holding a greater abundance of bioactive constituents.

We realised our skin and body tolerates a lot as well; from environmental stressors, free radical damage and issues such as sensitivity, dehydration and more. The secret of the wild has become a way to help bring us back into balance and bring forth positive transformations. 

Our Wild Ingredients have Phenomenal Capabilities

  • Wild Arctic Codfish: healthy and free roaming in the pristine glacial fed waters of the Norwegian Sea (that date back to the Ice Age). They have a much higher nutritional value than farm-raised animals due to the purity and diversity of their natural marine diet. This provides an enhanced blend of nutrients and offers an excellent source of natural collagen.
  • Wild Fucoidan from Wakame Seaweed: sourced from the pristine ocean waters of Patagonia, Wakame Seaweed has adapted to withstand the destructive nature of the ocean. Fucoidan is the protective coating that shields the seaweed from the abrasive elements of sun, salt and wind. Our fucoidan extract delivers deeply rejuvenating effects to the skin. 
  • Wild Prickly Pear: sourced from the dry and exposed terrain of the Atlas Mountains in Morocco. It is one of the rarest oils on earth and rich in incredible omega fatty acids, vitamins, amino acids and antioxidants.
  • Wild Kakadu Plum: a natural superfood sourced from the ancient bushland in the Northern Territory. Kakadu Plum contains the world’s best-known source of concentrated Vitamin C which enhances immune function and supports the body’s own collagen synthesis.
  • Wild Australian Botanicals: the native inclusions of Lillipilli, Kangaroo Paw, Emu Apple, Davidson plum, Aniseed Myrtle and Finger Lime contain natural regenerative powers and hydrating and age-defying capabilities. Many of these natives have been relied upon by Australia’s Indigenous community for millennia, thanks to their restorative properties and rich concentration of vitamins, minerals and more.

Each is a daily dose of purity, power and renewal, that only nature at its most wild can provide. 

Traceability, Transparency and Sustainability

Another of the many benefits of our wild grown choices is full traceability. For example, we can identify the exact fishing boat that caught the codfish used to make each batch of our collagen.

We also share the exact coordinates of the source for every product, all of which are sustainably sourced and free of any additives or fillers or dilution.

Just 100% rare, wild, natural ingredients, made with care in Australia – and an uncompromising approach to produce the best for you. 

Embark on your own journey with us to renew your connection with the wild; a source that has already perfected its ingredients.