Collagen supplementation is popular for tissue repair and beauty applications. Collagen revives healthy skin function by drawing in key amino acids. Taken daily, research shows marine collagen combats signs of ageing by plumping fine lines, improving skin elasticity, firmness, moisture and hydration. It also enhances hair and nail health, encouraging growth and promoting shine.

Collagen supplements usually come in a powder format that must be mixed into a drink. Mixing can be messy and the taste may be inconsistent and gritty. At rare by nature we have overcome this by packing our collagen into an easy to swallow capsule. For best results we recommend consuming 3 capsules per day.

Studies show Kakadu plum has the highest Vitamin C content of any fruit - making it a true superfood. Kakadu Plums are unrivalled in their health benefits. They are a natural source of vitamin C and are better absorbed by the body resulting in a more active effect on your immune system than synthetic alternatives


Our signature capsules are 100% natural and free of additives or fillers. Using small-batch, slow production, we have removed the need to use “flow agents” that are normally used to lubricate machines when filling capsules. We bring the same exacting philosophy to our organic skincare.


Our small-batch production techniques allow us to preserve the purity and strength of our ingredients. This means we can create capsules and organic skincare products of unrivalled performance.


At Rare by Nature we champion exceptional ingredients and the places they come from. On the side of the carton of each of our products, you will find a set of DMS coordinates. You can search these coordinates to see the area of origin.