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The Wild Pair - Collagen and Kakadu Plum (2 pack)

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The nourishment of beautiful skin starts deep from within and this pair of wild sourced skin nutrition capsules combine to promote a healthy complexion that exudes luminosity and brightness. 

Our wild-grown ingredients have been chosen for their ability to thrive in the toughest conditions, the sweltering heat of Australia's Northern Territory and the icy arctic chill of the Norwegian Sea. This built-up resilience translates to higher potency — and better results. Wild ingredients contain powerful antioxidants, vitamins and nutrients essential for the nourishment and regeneration of skin cells.

Our easy daily capsules offer firmer, brighter and healthier skin that glows with a renewed connection to nature. Our capsules target skin healing and regeneration, encourage collagen formation and help to maintain skin elasticity for a plumper, more youthful complexion.

Our pure marine collagen capsules are made from healthy Arctic codfish that grow wild in the pristine glacial fed waters of the Norwegian Sea.

Natural marine collagen is clinically proven to plump fine lines, improve skin elasticity, and boost moisture and hydration. Wild marine collagen delivers superior bio-availability and results compared with farmed collagens.

Our 100% pure, natural marine collagen capsules will promote collagen formation deep within the skin helping to improve firmness and elasticity.

Nourish your skin from within and boost your immunity with Kakadu plum, the world's most powerful source of natural Vitamin C.

A daily dose of vitamin C is critical for collagen synthesis and connective tissue formation. Add our Kakadu plum capsules to your diet to improve your skin's health and reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Kakadu plum offers greater potency than other sources of Vitamin C and contains 100 times more vitamin C than oranges. Kakadu plum also contains potent antioxidants, minerals and nutrients that are essential for maintaining a healthy immune system.

  • Radiant skin that’s rejuvenated, hydrated and plump
  • A smooth, revitalised complexion with less fine lines and wrinkles
  • Supports joints and tissue, for better bones, muscles, teeth and gums
  • Stronger longer nails
  • Thicker healthier hair that shines with natural health
  • A boost to your immunity and resilience

100% pure

Our capsules contain 100% wild sourced, natural ingredients, with zero additives or fillers to ensure that you’ll receive only the most powerful results

Grown wild and sustainably sourced in small batches

Our Australian Kakadu plum grows wild in the remote bushland of the Northern Territory. The fruit thrives in unforgiving climatic conditions and is more powerful and resilient than cultivated forms of vitamin C. Our Norwegian artic cod live freely in crystal clear ocean waters and feed on natural diets, making our collagen the purest, healthiest and most bioavailable option for your skin and body

Respecting nature’s power

Our wild-sourced Kakadu plum capsules contain only the prized heart of the fruit – we discard the less potent seeds and the skin. Our wild-sourced collagen capsules are sourced from only the most premium fish skin, not the less potent discarded scales. Unlike other brands we never farm our collagen, which can be less healthy due to artificial hormones, unnatural diets and stressful living conditions.

Convenient capsules, for a simple all-in-one beauty and wellness solution

Our slow-release capsules allow for optimal absorption within the body to deliver the perfect dose, every time – no mess, no strange taste, no matter where you are in the world. Our versatile capsules can also be opened and added to your favourite drink.

Transparent and traceable, always

Our wild sourced capsules are always fully traceable, with our collagen we know exactly how it got to you – from the fishing boat and skipper to the exact date of catch.

Origin of our Wild Atlantic cod fish, sustainably sourced from the pristine crystal-clear waters of the Norwegian Sea

068° 56' 53” N
001° 34' 32” W

Origin of our wild sourced Kakadu plum, sustainably harvested from remote Northern Territory Bushlands of Australia

012° 21' 27” S
132° 07' 43” E

For the fastest, most glowing results, take four of our Natural Wild Marine Collagen Capsules daily in the morning, followed by three of our Kakadu Plum Capsules daily in the evening

Supercharge your results and enjoy a nourishing skincare ritual by adding Rare by Nature’s Kakadu plum vitamin C Serum in the AM or PM.

100% Natural marine collagen from wild Norwegian Atlantic cod fish (Gadus morhua), clinically proven to plump fine lines, improve skin elasticity, and boost moisture and hydration.

Net 75g / 120 capsules.

Contains fish products.

100% Certified Organic Kakadu plum powder (Terminalia ferdinandiana), The world’s most powerful source of vitamin C, vital for collagen synthesis, healthy skin and strong immunity

Net 47g / 90 capsules

Our natural capsules are enclosed in a vegetable capsule and housed in a sealed amber glass jar, which protects the integrity of the ingredients by filtering out light.

Kakadu plum (Terminalia ferdinandiana), also called the gubinge, is a flowering plant that is native to Australia. It grows in the tropical woodlands of north-western Australia. Kakadu plum has been used as a traditional bush food and bush medicine for millennia. The fruit has especially high levels of vitamin C.

Collagen is a structural property, making up over 75% of our skin and giving it shape. Collagen acts like a glue within the body – working to strengthen elasticity, as well as aiding the replacement of dead skin cells. Collagen is the essential nutrient that enables active skin care, healthy hair and strong nails.

Our natural marine collagen peptide capsules contain Type I collagen which is the best of the 3 collagen types for active skin care renewal.

Wild Atlantic codfish (Gadus morhua)

Yes, our natural collagen is made from fish that are fully sustainable. Each batch of the wild caught cod has a Catch certificate / Producer declaration. We can trace each batch back to the fishing vessel that caught the fish.

Yes, each batch of our collagen is tested against the EU and Australia/New Zealand standard for heavy metals and is passed as safe for consumption.

No, natural collagen always has an animal origin.

No, they are odourless, no taste, no mess capsules.

Wild marine collagen is superior to farmed collagen. Marine collagen has higher absorption and bioavailability, due to its smaller particle size. Collagen from fish is absorbed up to 1.5 times more efficiently in the body than collagen from other animals such as beef.

Most vitamin C supplements on the market use synthetic vitamin C or ascorbic acid. The majority of this synthetic Vitamin C is originally derived from GMO corn and processed with chemicals like acetone.
Synthetic Vitamin C is simply a stripped down, isolated version of vitamin C; devoid of the micro-nutrients, dietary fibre and phytochemicals that are found in vitamin-rich wholefoods.
Rare by Nature Kakadu plum capsules contain only the flesh of the fruit, not the seed and the husks. The plums are delicately air-dried to preserve nutrients and then milled into a powder and encapsulated.
No fillers, no additives. 100% Organic Kakadu Plum, an organic vitamin C powder with nothing added or taken away.

Vitamin C is important for the activation of two key enzymes, which are needed for natural collagen synthesis, which starts inside the cell. Without vitamin C (and also iron), the function of the enzymes is inactivated, and natural collagen cannot be formed.

If pregnant or breastfeeding we recommend speaking with your healthcare professional before consuming any new supplements.

Capsules give you the perfect dose every time; release the collagen slowly for maximum absorption; have no unpleasant taste; require no preparation and leave no mess.

Clinical trials show that doses as low as 0.9 grams per day are effective in reducing skin ageing.

4 x Rare by Nature capsules per day = 2,100 mg of pure collagen.

The recommended daily requirement for an adult is 90 mg.

The recommended daily serve of 3 x Rare by Nature Kakadu plum capsules contains 247 mg of organic vitamin C powder.

3 capsules per day = 1,236 mg of pure Kakadu plum powder (equivalent to 12,360 mg of fresh Kakadu plum fruit).

Yes – the raw collagen capsules include fish.

One month if you consume based on our recommended daily dose. 4 collagen capsules and 3 Kakadu plum capsules per day.

The shelf-life of both products is 36 months from date of manufacture.

DMS = Degrees, Minutes and Seconds.
This is a numerical way of specifying a geographic location. It is based on the location's latitude and longitude.
We display ingredient DMS coordinates on the packaging of each Rare by Nature product. You can copy the DMS into your internet browser to see the area of origin.

For non-product related FAQ’s such as shipping & subscriptions please refer to main FAQ section in our homepage menu.

Scientifically active and proven skin nourishment

Our potent, undiluted products are proven to give you real results. Our range targets skin healing and regeneration, encourages collagen formation and helps to maintain skin elasticity for a plumper, more youthful complexion.


Our products are made with rare and potent ingredients that grow naturally in the wild. Lovingly sourced by hand. No farming. No dilution. Minimal human intervention. 100% natural and organic. Skin nourishment that makes you radiate, naturally.

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