We believe in creating the exceptional 

It all began with a meeting of minds and one simple premise: if you are seeking to improve your health by adding a nutrition supplement, wouldn’t you want it to be the best?

From the very beginning we approached our brand in a different way – there would be no compromise at rare by nature.  Purity, strength and traceability were of the utmost importance.  This mindset drives us as we search the earth to bring you exceptional and powerful ingredients.

Single origin superfoods and organic skincare 

We make single origin superfoods and organic skincare using rare and exceptional ingredients.  Our superfood capsules are 100% natural and free of additives or fillers.  Our organic skincare is made with clinically-proven natural extracts.  

Pure and powerful ingredients

At rare by nature, we select ingredients for their natural power and performance.   We are committed to bringing ingredients to you in their purest form and processing them with care so that they retain maximum potency.  

We optimise potency by harvesting at peak season when our natural ingredients are thriving. We use small batch production techniques, running low quantities at slow speed so that we can can fully capture the purity and strength of our ingredients. We use innovative retail packaging that maintains the strength and integrity of our products long after they have been produced.  Our practices are demanding and driven by our mission to be the world’s finest producer of nutrition and skincare products.

We have committed to producing nutrition capsules that are 100% natural and free of additives or fillers.  We run our encapsulation machinery very slowly and this means that we don't need to use non-nutritive flow agents to lubricate the machines. We do this to produce high performance capsules that are of unrivalled purity and strength.

We employ advanced and natural extraction methods to bring you our delicate skincare botanicals in their purest form.  Our careful treatment of the sensitive cellular structures maximises the age-defying potency of our extracts.

Our amber glass packaging protects the integrity of our ingredients by filtering out harmful rays of light.  Our glass assists with maintaining product potency over an extended period.

All of our products are designed, crafted and made with care in Australia.

Traceable - It starts with sourcing

At rare by nature we champion our ingredients and the places from where they were sourced.  Every product in our range proudly displays its place of origin on the side panel of the brand packaging.  You can enter these geographical coordinates into your internet browser to see the precise location on earth that produced your ingredient.

We do this to emphasise the provenance of our ingredients and to give you an understanding of where we journeyed to in our search to obtain the very best.  Reinforcing the coordinates amplifies the connection between you, us and the area from where the ingredient is sourced. 

In our obsession with finding the best ingredients, we have discovered producers in rare, unspoiled places that inspire the imagination. Our search for ingredients has been demanding and there have been setbacks where producers could not meet our exacting standards. But we made some truly amazing discoveries and built strong relationships with exceptional producers who share our values.

Committed to bringing you the best in purity, strength and traceability

At rare by nature everything we do embodies our founding ambition to produce the very best nutrition and skincare products in the world.  We are obsessed with finding high performing ingredients for you and we guarantee their purity, strength and traceability.  

We look forward to sharing our exceptional rare by nature products with you...