Exceptional. Powerful. Traceable.

At Rare by Nature, we believe in creating the exceptional. We started with the idea of a new concept: single origin, traceable superfoods in a capsule, created from the best natural ingredients.

We eat a healthy diet to enhance our health, but too often our food come from mass produced brands with no traceability. We want to know where our food comes from. Why should a superfood capsule be different?

For our signature capsules, we source one exceptional superfood from a single area or producer so you know what’s in each capsule. Plus we've done away with additives and fillers, and all of our products are made with care in Australia.

It starts with sourcing

If it doesn't come from a single area or producer, it isn't in our range. That's because quality begins with provenance.

Rare places

In our obsession with finding the best superfoods, we have sought out producers in rare, unspoiled places that inspire the imagination. Places like Tasmania's Fingal Valley and the pristine coastline that stretches south from the Bay of Fires.

Everything we make comes with an invitation. If you pick up a Rare by Nature jar or carton, you'll find DMS coordinates for the part of the world that gave you your purchase.

Read more about the Fingal Valley, the South East Coast, Cape Grim, Victoria's Western District and New Zealand's South Island.

Against chemical additives, fillers and preservatives

Most capsules are packed with harmful additives to bulk out ingredients and lubricate machines to make them run faster. These fillers also mean you get less of what you are paying for.

At Rare by Nature, we've worked hard to make sure our signature capsules are 100% pure. Our exceptional superfoods are safely dried and milled, which means we don't need to add preservatives.

We apply the same philosophy to our high-performing skincare products, which are stabilised with natural preservatives rather than toxic chemicals.

The highest safety standards

We manufacture our supplements to the highest Australian safety standards. Our encapsulation facility is located in Sydney and is certified as compliant with the HACCP Food Safety Guidelines.