Pure. Powerful. Traceable.

We believe in creating the exceptional

It all began with a meeting of minds and one simple premise: if you are seeking to improve your health by adding a nutrition supplement, wouldn’t you want it to be the best?

From the very beginning we approached our brand in a different way – there would be no compromise at rare by nature.  Provenance, strength and purity were of the utmost importance.  This mindset drives us as we search the earth to bring you exceptional and powerful ingredients.

It starts with sourcing

At rare by nature we champion our ingredients and the places from where they were sourced.  We display our signature DMS coordinates on the side panel of our brand packaging.  We do this to emphasise the value of our ingredients and their location.  Reinforcing the DMS amplifies the connection between our consumer and the area from where the ingredient is sourced.

Superfood capsules

We eat a healthy diet to enhance our health, but too often our food comes from mass produced brands with no traceability. We want to know where our food comes from. Why should a superfood capsule be different?

For our signature capsules, we source one exceptional superfood from a single area or producer so you know what’s in each capsule. Plus we've done away with additives and fillers, and all of our products are made with care in Australia.

Organic skincare 

Our organic skincare is 100% natural and made with clinically-proven extracts.  We are developing a sophisticated line of products from marine and botanical sources, that contain powerful active ingredients. 

rare by nature’s skincare products are designed to enhance the body’s natural responses, strengthen its defences against environmental factors and prevent the appearance of signs of ageing.

Against chemical additives, fillers and preservatives

Most capsules are packed with harmful additives to bulk out ingredients and lubricate machines to make them run faster. These fillers also mean you get less of what you are paying for.

At Rare by Nature, we've worked hard to make sure our signature capsules are 100% pure. Our exceptional superfoods are safely dried and milled, which means we don't need to add preservatives.

We apply the same philosophy to our high-performing skincare products.  We use natural extraction methods to maximise the powerful age-defying properties of our natural extracts.  Our formulations are stabilised with natural preservatives rather than toxic chemicals.

The highest safety standards

We manufacture our products to the highest Australian safety standards. Our encapsulation facility is located in Sydney and is certified as compliant with the HACCP Food Safety Guidelines.