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DMS COORDINATES: Degrees/Minutes/Seconds

The primary unit in which longitude and latitude are given is degrees (°). There are 360° of longitude (180° E ↔ 180° W) and 180° of latitude (90° N ↔ 90° S). Each degree can be broken into 60 minutes (’). Each minute can be divided into 60 seconds (”).

At rare by nature we display our signature DMS coordinates on the side panel of our brand packaging.  We do this to emphasise the value of our ingredients and their location.  Reinforcing the DMS amplifies the connection between our consumer and the area from where the ingredient is sourced.  You can enter the DMS into your internet browser to see the location that produced your ingredient.

The exceptional ingredients we use at rare by nature are scarce and were difficult to find.  These ingredients have been sourced from remote, little known locations that we discovered in our search to find the very best.

At rare by nature we champion our ingredients and the places from where they were sourced - our DMS is our signature...