Why collagen capsules are the easiest way to improve your skin texture and appearance

Our body’s ability to produce collagen declines from the age of 25.

A decrease in collagen leads to wrinkles and sagging skin.

The Good News!

Taking a collagen supplement will boost your body’s collagen levels and improve skin texture and appearance.

Clinical studies show that collagen supplements enhance skin elasticity and decrease fine lines and wrinkles

“My skin needed a collagen boost but I hated using gritty powders with additives and flavourings”

What Makes Our Collagen Capsules Rare


Our capsules contain 100% wild marine collagen. Our small batch Australian production means we don’t use additives or fillers making it absolutely pure


Our Type I collagen is sourced exclusively from the skin of wild caught sustainable fish. Our no compromise approach means you will see results in days


We use sustainable wild caught Arctic cod fish from the pristine waters of the Norwegian Sea.

“I get my collagen in a capsule. Single origin marine collagen from the pristine Norwegian Sea. Pure collagen capsules, no more mess, perfect dose every time…”

1 jar
120 capsules
1 month

2 jars
240 capsules
2 months

(for consistent results and maintenance)

3 jars
360 capsules
3 months

(for consistent results and maintenance)

Experience powerful results in your first month

  • Plump fine lines
  • Reduce wrinkles
  • Stimulate skin cells
  • Improve skin elasticity
  • Firm and tone the skin
  • Add moisture & hydration

Capsules vs Powders

  • The perfect dose every time
  • Nothing but pure collagen
  • High bio availability
  • Slow release for optimal absorption
  • No strange taste
  • Time saving and convenient
  • No mess or cleanup

Recommended by our customers

Pure Collagen for Powerful Results

Instant results

I absolutely love this product. After one month of use I can already see a difference. My skin feels softer, its smoother, my fine lines are less visible. Highly recommend!

Ann H

Potent doses

I love that I am getting a pure dose of the active ingredient. No additives or fillers. It’s a results driven approach that really works for me.

Brenda S

The results are incredible

My skin looks amazing. This is the best collagen I have ever taken. The results are incredible

Jo L

Recommended by health experts

"I recommend these products to my clients. Everything is natural, transparent and traceable. I trust the brand and we have seen it produce incredible results."

Kacy Thurlow,


“I have found huge improvements in skin, gut, and joint health in both me and my clients. I highly recommend these collagen capsules."

Sophie Don,


"Rare by Nature collagen is natural and effective. Their products leave my skin feeling fresh all day.”

Anna Maria Boelskov,

Naturopath & Doula

Why sourcing matters

Our Norwegian Wild Marine collagen performs better than farmed collagens

  • high in skin-renewing Type 1 collagen
  • Free of human inputs
  • Antibiotic free
  • Free of artificial growth hormones
  • Grown on a natural diet
  • Healthy fish - free living in spacious crystal clear waters

The science is in, and there's a way to boost your own collagen production.

Collagen is everywhere. So what is your supplement really made of?

The marine collagen capsule we've been waiting for

Discover our potent beauty sets

1 jar, 120 capsules, 1 month

Marine Collagen Duo

Age Defying Trio

We put purity and traceability first

From the beginning, we have approached what we do in a different way.
We put purity and traceability first, without compromise.  

Our single origin collagen capsules are 100% natural and free of additives or fillers.
Made with care in Australia.

Money back guarantee

Not happy with the product? Contact us and we'll refund you.