Wild sourcing 

We have travelled to the end of the world to find the healthiest wild fish for our collagen. Our Norwegian artic cod live freely in crystal clear ocean waters and feed on natural diets. 

Our wild sourced capsules are superior to farmed organic collagen powder. Farmed animals are less healthy than wild animals. Even organic farmed animals often live in cramped conditions and are reared on un-natural diets. Disease spread is a problem on farms and animals are constantly dosed with antibiotics. Farmers often use artificial hormones to promote growth. 

Unlike other natural collagen brands – we discard the scales and only use the prized fish skin to produce our collagen capsules. 

Unique capsule format 

Most collagen comes in a bulk powder format. Our unique wild capsule format means you get the perfect dose every time. You also benefit from slow release for optimal active skin care absorption and there is no messy clean up or strange taste. 

100% pure 

Our capsules contain 100% wild natural marine collagen. Our small batch production means we don't use additives or fillers making it absolutely pure. 


We harvest sustainable Wild Atlantic cod fish from the pristine crystal-clear waters of Norwegian Sea. 

Our natural marine collagen is fully traceable and we have a chain of custody certificate with  the details of the fishing boat, its skipper and the date of the catch. We share the DMS coordinates on our packaging so you can connect with the area of origin.

068° 56' 53” N 

001° 34' 32” W