Why Fucoidan Boost should be your go-to daily habit

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Fucoidan is a compound that occurs naturally in seaweeds. It has now been the subject of more than 800 published studies.

A powerful immunity boost and gut health upgrade

Fucoidan is the powerful compound in seaweed that protects it from the elements — the abrasive, drying effects of the sun, wind and salt. When taken by humans, it has been shown to promote healthy immune function, gut health and tissue repair.

Occuring in edible seaweeds such as wakame, Fucoidan is a key nutrient in the Okinawa diet. Okinawa famously boasts the world’s highest concentration of centenarians.

Rare By Nature Fudoidan Boost capsules are particularly special. Taking just one capsule a day gives you the amount of Fucoidan that is typically consumed in a traditional Japanese diet.

Up to ten times the concentration of other wakame sources

Rare by Nature Fucoidan Boost capsules contain 100% wild-harvested wakame from sustainable stocks off the southeast coast of Tasmania. Uniquely, we use only the spores of the seaweed, the most nutrient rich part of the plant (mekabu in Japanese). This means the capsules contain 10% Fucoidan, up to ten times the concentration of other wakame sources.

Single origin, safe and 100% pure

The wakame is harvested by hand by divers and then air dried and milled. The powder is tested for its nutritional properties and quality assurance. It is encased in a vegetable capsule, with no preservatives or additives.

As with all our products, Fucoidan Boost capsules are made in a safety-certified factory in Sydney.

Take 1-2 daily and let us know what Fucoidan does for you.