Our co-founder Matt on his fitness routine (and favourite facial oil)

A Kiwi who has made his home at Bondi Beach, Rare by Nature co-founder Matt is a busy dad, entrepreneur and fitness enthusiast.

1. Matt, you’re known for being very fit. What’s your morning routine?

I wake at 5.00am and start my day with a short run and swim at Bondi Beach. I love the cold ocean water; it makes me feel alive and connected with nature. Our two boys are up at 6.30am. I take our baby Charlie to the corner cafe to pick up coffees.  We have a big breakfast together, then I drop the boys at school. I love the mornings with my boys!

2. And your workout?

I am at the gym four days a week to lift weights and I split my workout days by muscle group. I also throw in a bit of cardio, stretching and callisthenics. I train a fifth day at an outdoor gym close to my home at Bondi Beach. I'm there every Saturday with a group of friends who are ultra-hard trainers. Many of the guys are dads and our young kids play there together while we workout.

3. You are now into your 50’s - how do you feel about ageing? 

Well, I am noticing that it takes a long time to scroll backward on my phone to find my birth year of 1972!

I recently started using glasses for reading and sometimes feel pain from old injuries. But generally, I am feeling good and I haven’t dropped any muscle or strength since my 20’s. 

My plan for longevity is to be balanced and consistent and just focus on simple core things in my life that I love to do.  Being a fun and active dad to my young boys, working out, maintaining my good eating habits, connecting with nature and hanging out with my mates. Simple stuff is powerful and power is youthful. 

4. What about taking care of your skin? What do you look for in natural skincare?

Nourishment. My partner Michelle has beautiful skin so it is important that I do my best!

Every morning, I apply Prickly Pear Seed Oil. It absorbs really well. I like that it gets into my skin to do its work rather than sitting on the surface. It leaves my skin a lot healthier and fresher.  I tell my friends its the best oil for mens skin!  It will soothe any knicks from shaving and will hydrate the skin.

5. You’re tireless about sourcing. Where does the Prickly Pear Seed Oil come from?

It took us over a year of searching and trialing different organic skincare oils to find the best Prickly Pear Seed for use as a facial oil. Prickly Pear is native to the Americas, but we found that the best Prickly Pear Seed Oil comes from Morocco. We discovered our source in Sbouya at the southern end of Morocco’s Atlas Mountains. It has the perfect climate and soil, producing an exceptional Prickly Pear Seed Oil.

6. You used to work with whiskey brands. What did you learn?

I worked with high-end master distillers who create exceptional whiskies. I apply their philosophy to Rare by Nature and our natural skin care, focusing on single origin sourcing and small batch production. 

7. What is the most inspiring business advice you have ever received?

My first job in Auckland was working under a fearless entrepreneur. He was gutsy. He took on large established companies, found their weak spots, outflanked them and beat them. Many years ago he told me that when you put everything on the line and have skin in the game you are creating the best conditions for success.

8. Networking, yes or no?

Yes - I have met some wonderful people on my journey. There seem to be plenty of kind people who are willing to help with advice and introductions. I have strong networks in Australia, New Zealand and the UK.

9. Last question! Which Rare by Nature capsules are you taking right now?

The natural Marine Collagen Capsules. We source from wild fish so its better than farmed organic collagen powder. The capsules provide an amazing boost to the skin. Like the Prickly Pear Seed Facial Oil, the capsules are single origin and 100% pure. I use them both to get a really powerful concentration of active ingredients that deliver results.