How a natural vitamin C supplement can supercharge your immune system

Have you ever been told (or heard someone say) “eat your crusts if you want curly hair” or that “having lots of carrots in your diet can improve eyesight”? Unfortunately, these are just superstitions without sufficient scientific proof.

However, when it comes to the statement “Vitamin C can help keep a cold at bay” – there is indeed truth!

Since the arrival of COVID-19, an even bigger emphasis has been placed on protecting our bodies from illness and infection; but where exactly does Vitamin C fit in this…and why is it considered such an essential component of immune system health?

Let’s delve deeper below:


  1. Vitamin C Is Essential

Vitamin C is an essential micronutrient and excellent antioxidant source for humans. Unfortunately, our bodies can’t produce Vitamin C, and we rely on getting it from our diet instead.

It’s also an “active” – which means it has been scientifically researched and proven to bring specific improvements to body and skin. It all comes down to consistent intake at the optimum recommended amount (75mg daily).


  1. Immune System Defence

So, how does consuming Vitamin C help when it comes to your immune system defence?

It can increase your blood antioxidant levels and production of white blood cells. This is important because it helps protect against infection, aids the body’s natural ability to combat inflammation, and “boosts” the immune system by protecting cells from harmful free radical damage.

Consuming Vitamin C can also contribute to immune defence by supporting against pathogens (for example, certain types of viruses and bacteria).

Studies suggest Vitamin C has healing and restorative properties that may decrease the length of cold symptoms.


  1. Broader Health Benefits of Vitamin C

The health and wellness benefits of Vitamin C do not stop at immune function! In fact, several other body functions impact your immunity and Vitamin C plays a role in several of these too:


  • Vitamin C is essential for the growth and repair of tissue
  • Can help prevent toxins entering the body
  • Stimulates skin’s natural collagen production (think of collagen as your own natural anti-aging protein)
  • Enhances wound healing


  • Helps your body better absorb iron
  • Promotes the production of important antibodies (that fight invading microbes)
  • Reduces inflammation
  • Is a form of fibre and promotes digestion and gut health

And much more!


  1. What’s the Best Source of Vitamin C?

When most people think of Vitamin C – they think of oranges. We also grew up thinking these were the best natural source of Vitamin C and a great natural immune booster in cold season.

However, the highest recorded levels of natural Vitamin C in the world are in the humble Kakadu Plum.

It’s a rare and wild fruit that grows in Australia’s Top End and has been used by the Indigenous community for thousands of years as a natural immune booster and traditional medicine.

This natural vitamin C supplement also contains key micronutrients and high levels of antioxidants and fibre Plant based Omega 3 and 6 oils.


  1. Is a Supplement an Effective Form of Vitamin C?

Research indicates that those who are Vitamin C deficient are more likely to have impaired immunity and higher susceptibility to infections.

It can be hard to get the right amount of Vitamin C daily through food alone, which is why a supplement can help achieve optimal levels in the body.

The problem? Most Vitamin C supplements use synthetic forms derived from GMO corn and processed or preserved with chemicals. They lack many of the micro-nutrients, fibre and rich health benefits found in a single ingredient natural supplement.

Rare by Nature Organic Kakadu Plum capsules are different. They are 100% organic Kakadu plum, so you are getting a pure and organic vitamin C powder with nothing added (no fillers or additives) or taken away.

They only contain the Vitamin C rich flesh of the fruit, which is air-dried before being milled into a nutrient dense powder capsule.

They are not grown on farms, but harvested in a sustainable, traceable way, from Kakadu Plums growing naturally in the wild. This preserves potency and purity for you, and the land.


We hope this has helped shed some light on why an organic Vitamin C powder is essential to immune defence and your overall wellness.

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