The 1-2-3 age defying regimen we are using right now

We asked Bea in the Rare by Nature team to tell us about her regimen.

You're obsessive about skincare. Tell us about your current routine.

Yes, I'm big on skinfeel and results, and I really, really dislike waste - wasted time, unnecessary products. I've started using the Age Defying Trio as my "everything" regimen. It's all I do. That's it!

I'm taking three marine collagen capsules a day, I apply the Collagen Reset Organic Facial Serum and the Fucoidan Restore Age Defying Face Cream. I generally don't wear makeup, so I apply the serum and cream in turn as a kind of all-day treatment. They wear beautifully all day.

If you'd told me I'd only need three products, I would have laughed out loud. But it's true. This is my dream team.

What do the marine collagen capsules add to the picture?

Taking marine collagen orally really is an essential component of an effective skincare routine. The evidence is in and I've seen it myself.

Research shows that taking a marine collagen supplement daily combats signs of ageing by plumping fine lines, improving skin firmness and hydration. It's that dewy effect I'm after.

It's also great for hair and nail health, giving you extra growth and shine.

What I like about the capsules is there's no more messy collagen powders and drinks. It takes a moment and I'm done.

They're marine collagen, which is great for bio-availability and absorption. Plus, it's responsibly sourced from the pristine crystal-clear waters of the Norwegian Sea.

What about the Collagen Reset Organic Facial Serum?

This is a gorgeous serum. It promotes collagen synthesis and reduces the effects of ageing. It's very easily absorbed, not oily at all.

It works because marine collagen enhances the skin's natural collagen production, while botanical extracts Kakadu Plum and Davidson Plum deliver Vitamin C and antioxidants, and Finger Lime facilitates absorption.

And then there's the Fucoidan Restore Age Defying Face Cream.

Yes, this rounds out the trio. It's a lovely moisturiser, very restoring. The scent is there but it's not too much. It's organic, so there's nothing nasty or artificial.

It's formulated to reduce fine lines, brighten skin and protect against UV damage. The key active is Fucoidan, which is basically a magical compound that we all need to be using. It's derived from wakame seaweed and it's very, very protective and restorative. It does wonders.

What else? 

That's it - there is nothing else. A couple of minutes and I'm done, thank you very much.