About your vitamin C supplement – it isn't made from oranges!

About your vitamin C supplement – it isn't made from oranges!

Everyone understands the importance of vitamin C in our diet for boosting our immune system, fight off colds and flu and keeping our skin and joints young and healthy. However not all sources of vitamin C are equal and its important to understand where our C supplements come from?

Synthetic vitamin C is often derived from GMO corn

Most vitamin C supplements on the market use synthetic vitamin C or ascorbic acid. The majority of this synthetic vitamin C is originally derived from GMO corn and processed with chemicals like acetone.

Synthetic vitamin C is simply a stripped down, isolated version of vitamin C; devoid of the micro nutrients, dietary fiber and phytochemicals (eg. bioflavonoids) found in vitamin-rich wholefoods.   

There is a growing body of evidence linking the consumption of synthetic ascorbic acid with thickening arteries and the formation of genotoxins that can even lead to cancer.

rare by nature organic Kakadu plum capsules

At rare by nature we set out to find the highest concentrate of naturally occurring vitamin C in the world.  We researched a number of fruits including oranges, lemons, kiwifruit and Mexican guavas. In the end our search took us to Australia’s Northern Territory where we discovered the Kakadu plum - a fruit with the highest known concentration of vitamin C in the world.

rare by nature organic Kakadu plum

The Kakadu plum Terminalia ferdinandiana is an Australian native superfood containing 100 times more vitamin C than oranges. It has the highest known concentration of vitamin C, containing up to 5,300 mg per 100 grams. Just one plum packs 481 mg of vitamin C, which is 530% of the daily value.

rare by nature organic kakadu plum capsules

Our rare by nature certified organic Kakadu plums are single origin sourced from bushland in the Kimberley region of Australia’s Northern Territory, one of the most remote areas of Australia. Our plums are wild-harvested during the wet season when they are at peak ripeness and at their most potent.  

the Kimberley bushland

We believe that our organic Kakadu plum capsules are the purest available on the market.  This is because our product uses only the flesh of plumb.  Unlike other brands we exclude the seed and the husks. Our plumbs are delicately air-dried to preserve nutritents and then milled into a powder and encapsulated for easy use.  We dont use fillers or additives in our production - the capsules are 100% organic kakadu plum with nothing added or taken away.

At rare by nature we love the healing benefits of Kakadu plum so much that we have included it in two of our skincare formulations:

Collagen Reset – Organic Facial Serum

Fucoidan Restore – Organic Age Defying Face Cream 




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