Sourcing the world's finest ingredients

At rare by nature we champion our ingredients and the places from where they were sourced. Every product in our range proudly displays its place of origin on the side panel of the brand packaging.  

We use Degrees° Minutes' and Seconds'' [DMS] coordinates to pinpoint the precise latitude and longitude of the ingredient's geographical location for you. You can enter these DMS coordinates into your internet browser and be instantly connected with the area that produced your ingredient.

We use the coordinates to emphasise the provenance of our ingredients and to give you an understanding of where we journeyed to in our search to obtain the very best. Reinforcing the coordinates amplifies the connection between you and the area from where the ingredient is sourced. 

In our obsession with finding the best ingredients, we have discovered producers in rare, unspoiled places that inspire the imagination. Our search for ingredients has been demanding and there have been setbacks where producers could not meet our exacting standards. But we made some truly amazing discoveries and we have built strong relationships with exceptional producers who share our values.

We began our search for fucoidan in Japan but ultimately found the best source on the planet was located on the pristine shores of south eastern Tasmania.  

south eastern Tasmania

Our search for the best collagen in the world started with visits to beef farms.  In time we realised that marine collagen was our preferred source and this lead us to the ocean.  After over a year's research we discovered a sustainable source of collagen rich cartilaginous fish in the deep sea waters off Nugget point on New Zealand's South Island. 

Nugget point, New Zealand

Everything we make comes with an invitation. If you pick up a rare by nature jar or carton, you'll find DMS coordinates for the part of the world that gave you the ingredient.